Sunday, 30 January 2011


.....suddenly today i checked wether syifa got mrsm; and the answer is YES...She like s art school jb esp on the arts subject but complains she is bored with the students n certain teachers. She mentions the students love to make noise when the teacher is teahing n the teacher will repeat and explain too long.  A teacher tought shes showing off when she answers, and ignore her answer , a male student who repeats her answer  gets a praise n she has to stand up....Well she admits, " Ibu  now i know what you mean..i understand the meaning of challenge between friends....." well, darling perform your istikharah n let Allah gives u the answer! 


  1. so, syifa will go to mrsm la ni?

  2. nampak gaya nya.... begitulah, dah bayar yuran dah secara online...