Tuesday, 18 January 2011

mum n daughter are happy/excited

...on the registration day, 17/1/2011 i met a wonderful friend/mother,  her name is nabila  , she really reminds me of my other best friend uzai n her daugter esembles ain.(amirar)...her daughter pursues pendidikan seni visual , same like syifa.....well the show/ performance by the students are great....they are really talented/ n they are absolutely happy  , judging from their jovial/cheerful faces.....assalamualaikum mak cik, assalamualaikum pak cik, they great us with the warmest smile......"tak siap lagi mak cik?" asked them...well, i feel i m most welcome.... in my own school(5 schools so far he3) it is not easy to ask them to greet people/teachers n ask them to smile is also another headache...especially when performing  choral speaking/singing/dancing etc... the brieFIng IS done buy a group of  students who gives  smart/wonderful answers......well so amazing....the principal was smiling almost the time to listen to their cute answers...i did ask/ the last question; the courses or where are they streamed to after pmr....

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