Monday, 24 January 2011

still wondering about art school....

.....when the timb pengarah mention(on the registration day) the cumulative average grade fr pmr was 1.37, i was startled!!!no wonder one of the parents said, it is as the same standard as sbp....the things that scare me  turn nonsense...Alhamdulillah...i did sujud syukur in the aspuri dorm Ya Allah Thanks fr everything...One of the students even rejects sek sri puteri to enter this school, quite a number of lecturers accept the offer to send their kids here....theres a study which proves students who studies art(their interest; music, teathre..visual/ dance) perform better/excell in their academic because they have a place to ease their mind, to release their tension....during the soal jawab...a mother asks, her son has achieved grade 8, is he allowed to bring guitar...and the answer is of course YES, well in academic school, its a BIG NO!!
oh..theres one more thing i wanted to share, although the qualification is not all As to study in this school , there are many 5As candidates chosed  to be here....
i do pray the spm result later(first batch) will be good is the first day in class after one week of orientation...syifa i pray for your health, mind and study

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