Monday, 24 January 2011 out!!

..last saturday  was a school turns to be a very sad   day.   someone took my handset with the cutest casing  gone tooo...who to be blamed ; my self, students, teachers??the workers??as my pk petang says.;'in this world ada orang yang hatinya puteh dan ada juga yg hitam....luckily my other things are still there...they are on my table n i was rushing to relief a class without noticing i left my handbag on the table...the amazing part is my place is far behind, students do not reach my was between 10 15 to 10 50 am..

..a different story, my neighbour had walimah , adik nya kawin, ader sorang wanita with a small kid asking to perform dzuhur prayer....the stupid mistake she made , it was 12 at n00n  n , when my neighbour saw she started to gelidah her house , she called the police.....the woman (a malay) said' ampun, ader anak kecik...) my neighbour was angry, replying back "saya pun ada anak kecik..."
selamat lah wanita  yang pro dgn kerja nya itu...siap dah  pakai  special glove to protect her fingerprints.....

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