Friday, 30 March 2012

....beautiful chemistry!!! a chemistry teacher who loves chemistry so much, i cant stop relating it to anything !!!When i do that, my students will say..... dah mula dah, even during netball practise, ...what else in the chemistry lesson!! I use to tell them , how colourful the world will be if, oxygen, nitrogen carbon dioxide have  colours...
They, (previous) just "hentam" when they are asked about the colour of the gases....Imagine, our KENTUT comes out with colour, how embarassed the sikentut WILL BE!! again if O2 n CO2 are coloured, then it will be easy to know if the person is still alive or already transfer to another world...,. There MUST Be unknown reason why God makes them colourless....Dear kids now , enough if u know NO2 is brown n chlorine which is used to kill the bacteria in water is yellowish green   , the SO2 has no colour , but it has the rotten egg smell, this gas makes u headache when acid rain falls on your head( acid rain has H2SO4 that comes from SO2 and H2CO3 that comes fr CO2)....  these are the products when they react with water.
         When i stayed in BBU the ph of the rain water is about 5, in 1990 s....i m scared now, it migth be worse!  Living in this remote area, im really sure , the rain is not an acid rain....talking about acid, i still remember the incident in kl area , where insane people splash acid to innocent people. A TIP THAT INsya Allah will help keep 1 kilo of salt (solid/granules) in your transport....water will make the acidity worse, as tap water is acidic too, salt is neutral, ph of salt is 7 ....although the pain will be unbearable but insyaAllah it will stop the acid from burning the inner layer....saline water  should be neutral, ph=7, u can dissolve it in saline water  n keep it in your transport....Now i havent heard about this incident anymore...Thanks to our new ketua Polis Negara, hes doing his job really WELL!!......need to stop , to prepare dinner....
   suddenly it comes to my mind, zam-zam water may be the best to treat this they are full of minerals which can react with the acid to form salt! i need to experiment these, YES!!suzi gave me some n i can try....

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

life n struggle

........sometimes we feel, we are alone doing a required job, though  there are a lot of people around us, THEY DID HELP but in their own way, is it we, ourselves to be blamed??.....we tried to do it as good as we are capable of, n when   the result are   rewarding , we seem so happy, THANK ALLAH.......but no one notice, we feel this point tell yourself, Allah knows what u ve been doing, betulkan balik niat, kerana Allah kah atau sanjungan manusia, and for teachers, remember, our most important customer are our students, so they are the  most correct person who deserved the rewards!!!
.........sometimes we do feel , we are always asked to do something which is not meant for us, we do it after it is halfway done/ or not at all by that particular person, we got the barking, anger from the high post people n when again the reward is  wonderful, people will point to the first person, it seems that, what we have done are not done by us at all.....AGAIN GO back to our niat, kerana Allah kah atau sanjungan/pujian manusia,