Tuesday, 4 September 2012

DIA lagi!^&%$#@*&$#@

.....TODAY  is the day, where last week, early in the morning, i burst out my anger towards someone who really speaks without thinking.....i do hate people who only know to command and threaten us if we do not do his/her jobs.....A boss is the one who does the biggest amount of works , who puts himself in everyone shoe, who really goes to our level, SIT AND STAND TOGETHER and knows what s happening, not just ordering , commanding, threatening AND HUMILIATING US!!!! I really hate a leader who works unprofesionally, emotionally, telling and preaching as seem as he/she knows all and never lend his/her ears when we talk.....before we could say anything ; the judgement is DONE emotionally and full of revenge;.....please I beg those who are really ambitious and want to be leaders, look fr the strength among your workers, DO NOT SEARCH THE WEAKNESSES.....guide him or her wisely to overcome the weakness and use his/her strength for the goal/success of yr institution/organization  .......sedih, bila dihukum dgr berbagai tuduhan dan hinaan......sabar ye!!

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